Weekly Journal Update #5

Hour 1: (February 14th, 2017 at 9:40am in Douglass Hall)

So I think I officially hate Medium now. I was literally almost finished typing up my journal entry and then I accidentally pressed a button and it all “magically” deleted. So here I am back at square one after 2+ hours of working. How great!(:

At the beginning of class I was surprised when Professor Sandridge whipped out his acoustic guitar and broke out in song. At first I was kind of like “What’s going on?” but as he continued to sing I thought it was inspiring. After class I went back and listened to the original version of 99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger. I’ve always had a passion for singing and at a few moments thought it would be awesome to learn how to play the guitar. After hearing this live cover I’m convinced that I should just give it a try.

Lets get back to leadership talk…

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