Photo by Ari Naryana

We booked the tickets to Yogyakarta. We did it. It didn’t take a long time to decide. Oopss, it’s booked!

From Bali, the flight left quite early at 06:40 am. We ride our scooter to the airport.

Then, we were flying! Off to Yogyakarta!

Photo by Ari Naryana

We landed at the airport around 7:10 am WIB. It says on Google maps that our guesthouse is really close to the train station. So we planned to go with the train. I really want to go with train also my boyfriend.

Train YAY Train

We bought two tickets for the train, from Meguwo Station to Tugu or Yogyakarta Station which meant, I’m finally taking a train. I was so excited. YAY!

Photo by Ari Naryana

We waited for a couple minutes then the train is coming. Excitedly, we went into the train and I’m totally amused. But we feel weird because all we see in the cabin was women wearing hijab. But we stay still. Toughly. Then you know what?! Couple minutes later, a lady came up to us, to me and says “This is a compartment for women only” and pointed at a sign.

We walked to the back cabin till we found mixed gender room on the train. We were standing and people looked at us like a weirdo. But still, it was really fun.

Once we arrived at Tugu Station then we walked out a bit then we found our guesthouse. That was really easy.

The first day in Yogyakarta, it was raining the whole day. For sure, no much thing we can do about it.

I have my laptop, two mobile phones so I kept up to date by what’s going on in the office and I do a lot of work on this holiday. Sorry. Sometimes I feel bad because I’m too busy with my work then let my boyfriend spent his time alone on our holiday. On our holiday.

We argued about it couples of times. I know that he always tries to understand me and sometimes he might can’t understand it anymore. There is the time where he whined and annoyed by me. But I just want him to know that I do my best to make us both happy.

Day 1

Wandering around Malioboro

We visited Malioboro for our first day. Since it was raining and Malioboro is the closest destination from the guesthouse where we were staying.

So many food stands, Batik stores, and couples of Ramayana and Matahari Mall on the same street. Weird. There were also a lot of Becak.

Becak is a traditional vehicle is three wheels vehicle in Indonesia. We went into a becak to drop us around on the first day because we still clueless is that worth to rent a bike or scooter or using the public transportation.

We really enjoyed the walk till the rain is poured. So we took a becak to some places. It was fun and funny. We have to really bargain every time we went to the Becak. Since my boyfriend is not an Indonesian, they always double up the price, almost for everything. That was challenging.

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

We went to the Gudeg place on Wijilan St, where you can find a lot of Gudeg seller, the good one. Gudeg is a traditional Javanese cuisine from Yogyakarta. Since this is my first time to taste the real Yogyakarta Gudeg, I was so excited. I’m sure the Gudeg is really tasty but it’s not for me. It’s too sweet for me. The jackfruit veggies, the chicken, etc was sweet and it comes with rice. So I can’t really enjoy it.

We don’t have picture for Malioboro because, it was raining.

Day 2

Walk Around Taman Sari

Actually, we were planning to visit the Keraton. Since it was Friday and for Muslim, they have a special praying day on Friday so it was closed. Then we decided to visit Taman Sari. Taman Sari well known as Taman Sari Water Castle is a site of a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. It is located about 2 km south within the grounds of the Kraton, Yogyakarta.

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

The whole area is really huge with several spacious room and building. A guide, it is a free guide showed us around the castle. Most part of the castle now is turned into a village or a house for the castle’s helper that they called Dalem.

We also went to some creativity and artistic places inside the Taman Sari village.

They said Taman Sari was designed by Portuguese’s designer.

Most of the part of the castle are breaking off due the earthquakes couple months or years ago so they re-constructed some parts.

It is a must to visit since you are in Yogyakarta. It is something with a huge history.

Challenge Ourself at the Twin Trees at Alun — Alun Kidul

Some people say it was is a Javanese architectural term for the large central open lawn squares common to villages, towns and cities in Indonesia.

In other hands, some people also say it was also historically functioned for a place for public corporal punishments and executions.

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

The alun — alun that we were visiting called Alun- Alun Kidul. There are two banyan trees in the centre famed, according to local folklore, to bring good luck to skillful enough to navigate their way between them without mishap, blindfolded and today on Friday and Saturday nights, youngsters boisterously pursue this fabled luck.

First, I and my boyfriend done it together and we totally failed. What a sad feeling! Then my boyfriend tried it again for the second time and he passed it without mishap, blindfolded, he walked straight then reached the limit in between those two banyan trees.

Then you know what?! I kept failing till my fourth time, then finally, I passed through it. If the villagers folklore is true then I have to work harder than now to get everything I wanted in life.

That was the second day we in Yogyakarta. We decided to take it easy and get rest for our body for the main destinations that we really want to visit.

Day 3

The Wanted, Borobudur Temple

One of the most reason we going to Yogyakarta. We woke up quite early. Actually, the alarm was set for 04:00 am but I guess my body ignored that alarm totally. We finally woke up around 07:00 am I guess then get ready for an hour ride at least from our guesthouse to Borobudur Temple.

On the way there, we were craving for food. Specifically, spicy food. Super spicy. We both feel like almost dying without any spiciness there.

I was busy looked up for some places to eat from my awesome, not so awesome google map. But I think the level of our spiciness is 9 from 1 to 10. So hard to find spicy food for us. Some recommendations don’t really works.

We kept going till we finally arrived at Borobudur Temple. Where I just have to pay IDR. 30,000 and my boyfriend have to pay IDR. 420,000 for a combo ticket for Borobudur and Prambanan Temple tickets. What a discrimination!

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

Yes, we are at Borobudur Temple!

That was a great experience. So many people, many tourists. It was a little bit packed but we always able to make it feel like only us.

Borobudur Temple is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It also says that Borobudur Temple was one of the masterpieces among the Seven Wonders of the World. What a day!

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

As you see the temple consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circulars, topped by a central dome. The temple is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. The central dome is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues, each seated inside a perforated Stupa. The biggest, the largest, and the greatest Buddhist Temple in the world.

Photo by Ari Naryana & Pascal Maschmeier

Yes, we were taking a selfie for my dearly younger sister and my beloved parents. It was really cool. The views and surrounds.

My boyfriend took couples pictures. He is good at it. Lucky me. We enjoyed it very much. Nice view, nice weather. The sun over excited to see us around the temple then burnt us.

Photo by Ari Naryana & Pascal Maschmeier

Here you go! My dear boyfriend. He is so awesome. You will love to traveling around with him. Open minded, no plan, go with the flow. He is the best navigator. The best. He got sun burnt and his face turned pinkish. What a cutie!

From Borobudur, we went back to our guesthouse to pick up our suitcase the go to the next guesthouse. Another hour and half of riding a scooter. I cannot feel my butt anymore. Yes, hurt.

We got so tired that day, as always we decided to chill in the guesthouse and think about the next day. Sounds like a plan but not really.

In the evening, we arrived at our guesthouse, closer into the city center with crowded traffic and big shopping centres around. Yikes! We went to Ambarukmo Plaza, one of the most famous shopping center in Yogyakarta.

We ended up bought a cinema ticket the we watched Deadpool. That was really fun and super damn funny movie. We totally enjoyed the movie. Totally. Was a great closing for a tiring day. My version of tiring.

Day 4

The most famous Hindu’s Temple, Prambanan Temple.

Another important reason we going to Yogyakarta. Prambanan is a 9th-century Hindu temple compound in Central Java, Indonesia, dedicated to the Trimurti, the expression of God as the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva). This temple also well known as Roro Jongrang Temple. UNESCO World Heritage Site says Prambanan temple is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia, and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. Another WOW!

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

It was really nice and peaceful there even though there a lot of visitors but we feel a kind of different vibe. We totally enjoyed the peaceful moment.

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

Snap!! I can’t handle myself.

Photo by Ari Naryana

So nice. One of our favorite destination after all. A must visit in Yogyakarta or Central of Java.

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

Another snaps! I loved it.

Photo by Ari Naryana
Photo by Unknown
Photo by Ari Naryana

Selfie Attacks!!

Photo by Ari Naryana

We LOVED it.

Here is another fun stuff coming. So in Prambanan, there are couple temples or we called them Candi. And it placed close to each other. There will be a park’s train that you can rent. I paid IDR. 7,500 for the train ticket and it was free for my boyfriend. So we can just sit in the train and going around to see other temples instead of walking in the super hot sunny day.

They also have a park where kids can play swings and other stuff. Since my parents still called me kid, I went to the swing. It was fun.

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier
Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

Forgive me! But I really loved it.

Photo by Pascal Maschmeier

That was really FUN.

We visited couples places even though it much less than what we were planning to.

In the evening. We didn’t do many things. We were going out around 08:00 pm to get dinner then no so far from the guesthouse, we had a flat tire. Yikes! Nightmare! Luckily, there was a small warung open. The guy who owned the warung has a special skill as repair guy. Hufft. Problem solved.

We continued our journey to find spicy food. At least for the last night in Yogyakarta. Almost all warungs, restaurants closed at 09:00 pm — 10:00 pm. I was surprised. We ride around with scooter for two hours then we found a Bakso stand or Meatballs stand.

It was good!

Day 5

Indoor Rollercoaster in the Air.

We were so excited to come back to Bali! Spicy foods, home, etc. My boyfriend nagged to get Fluffy back. Fluffy is our little puppy. Well, she is a teenage dog.

Our flight was 40 minutes delayed as well. Great job AirAsia! Around 03:00 pm, we left Yogyakarta.

Fifteen — twenty minutes later, the plane had turbulences due the bad wheater, they said. I still remember the feeling. Like the plane was dropping itself down then stop, then shaking then dropping down again, then shaking again, and so on.

What I had in mind was “Am I die now? Here?”. I was scared. Really. After couples minutes later the plane is back to normal. Safe and sounds.

There is a moment where I can’t feel the scare feeling anymore and feel numb.

Where you think that you are going to die but you can’t save your life or do anything with it.

My boyfriend was sitting next to me and we were holding hands to decrease the uncomfortable feeling. Looked at each other’s eyes and says ‘I don’t like this.”

Also, my tears were dripping and I can’t stop it. Maybe I was frightened.

Till we landed in Bali, we feel so much better than ever. I totally forgot what was happening but there is something inside my heart. A fear of leaving my family. A fear of losing or leave the guy that sat next to me. A fear of not being on this earth anymore. A fear of death.

We are so grateful that we are still living on this earth and do whatever we want. Love whoever we want.

That was something big to realized. When you having too much fun, you deserve some shocking treat to bring you back to real.

We LOVE our home!