My thoughts go back a long way to the days when I first lived in England and one would still use a toasting fork in front of the fire to toast bread, crumpets, and muffins for tea. Never, never, never has toast smelled or tasted as good…

Tawa Toast (from:

… And back in India, they make “tawa toast”, with crudely sliced whole loaf a bread, and the purists would do it over open wood or coal fire: take a griddle, smear it lightly with ghee (butter is a poor cousin, but will do, :-/), put the slices on it, and toast.


Flip till the aroma of the midly (just enough) scalded toast wafts in the air.

Down it only with a glass of spiced milk tea, the “chai”.

Back in the streets of Calcutta, old times, early in the morning, this is street breakfast.

Poetry in food, if there were one, ;-)!

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