Education in a Digital Age
Erik P.M. Vermeulen

I stole this image from Kapil’s blog,

Erik P.M. Vermeulen has an excellent meditation on the direction of tertiary education and where it is heading. Unless we match the expectations of the new generation of students with our delivery style and style of inquiry, we will lose them. Even though the format of engagement has changed, the ideas of inquiry guided learning and basic rules of engagement in instructions have not changed though. So, the core of learning and teaching can still be maintained and delivered through the new “tools”; what may need to change fundamentally is the mindset. A mindset that refuses to acknowledge the rapidly changing landscape of knowledge processes (from printed books, from teaching of the “past” to the teaching of the “brave new world”); we also need to teach students “how we think”. As AI and Machine learning and algorithms will continue to lead to the emergence of more and more intelligent machines, the future will need us to go back to the roots of our civilisation and identify where being human in a complex world makes sense. What makes us human. That sense should be brought in to every discipline in every way.

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