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Good point. On that note, Medium may help you to get there, if you are not there already. As a writer, you pay nothing, but you can jolly well hope to get paid.

The model is actually quite interesting and somewhat untested on a large scale: (some not all) readers pay Medium to pay (some not all) writers to write for a fee or everyone keep read write for free.

Seems that Medium has actually always paid some writers to write here: you and I were most likely not included among them. Now with reader subscription, it seems you and I have a fair chance to get paid (but the fairness will depend on Medium’s term of selection).

Subscribed readers only get a more streamlined reading experience, and some reader-exclusive contents, but these are not that great or exclusive and if you reset your reading preference, it does not matter anymore. Basically, other than a broken halo (that Mike Essig so eloquently writes), you get nothin’ of exclusivity in this deal.

Medium may throw an annual party or send you a Christmas card, but they did not write that on the fine print (as a matter of fact there was no fine print at all in the sign up sheet), so not sure, ;-); some people may get invited.

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