That is a very unfair piece from Aatish Taseer and, unfortunately, he does come across as…
A Srinivasan

“…I don’t know why he mentions a ‘saffron kurta’ or a ‘chrome watch’ or an ‘expensive gold pen’. Perhaps he wants the Prime Minister to be dressed in tatters? Or is he saying every RSS man sports an ‘expensive gold pen’?”

I believe he was referring to a boorish politician. Compared with two to three decades ago and now, or compared with politicians in other English speaking democratic countries, most modern day Indian politicians come across as boorish and ill-mannered. This is also true of the manners of relatively affluent Indians.

The saffron kurta and chrome watch are those symbols of modern day uncouth manners and boorishness that have come to define many ill-mannered Indians we get to see.

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