umair haque.
Stephen Kent Gray

Interdependence and Emptiness

Spot on, Stephen Kent Gray! Indeed, what umair haque writes here is that timeless wisdom of Emptiness that negates negation or nothingness, the wisdom that everything else is dependent on everything else. The great Prajnaparamita Hridaya Sutra (The Heart Sutra) where Sariputta (The Buddha’s Disciple) is given the sermon that when he awoke from his deep sleep realised, rather saw, that emptiness is form and form is emptiness. There is no form without emptiness and likewise there is no nihilism without form either.

Which brings to mind the beautiful piece with which Umair started, that of, meditation on the non-existence at the point of death and dying. The deep, dark mystery that I will “cease” to exist. Do I “cease to exist” or do I transform into something else? The notion of interdependence, that we are all part of one whole entity and are related to each other in every which way.

There is no nothing, if at all, they are all empty.

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