How to Write Effectively — and Iteratively — with Social Media
an xiao mina

It’s a fantastic article. The basic premise is that we converse in the true sense in social media as if we were in a cafe chatting with friends. The conversations and sharing of ideas gives a gauge that this idea is worth pursuing and publishing in larger, more expanded formats. This is in principle, how creative ideas begin and why of course this should work. But there is also that solitary reaper, going about thinking stuff and putting it out in larger formats, and the ideas that disturb the mind gets written, as David Allen would have advised that keep it out of your head. Where you find that fine balance between first taking it out into the social media, cry it out and then find shoulders to lean on and then come back to write a bigger piece is a million dollar question. It may have worked with this author because she has a sustantial presence in social media, but not everyone is that lucky. But the principle holds. In other formats, say from a chat to the Medium as an expression engine.
All in all, a great read. I’d recommend this one.

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