Very good point Tom.
mark-john clifford

Recommend my own posts? Why oh Why?

I too, like you, Tom (@farrtom) used to “recommend” my own post, following the advice I read, by Sand Farnia. I did not understand then, but as you write, seems to me an additional self recomendation is quite pointless to be honest (unless there is some chance I do not understand that self-recommended posts have higher chance to be viewed by the small gods, godesses, and patron saints of Medium who will uplift the status). Otherwise, just by posting we are sending out signals to the world that we’d like people to read them, this is our recommendation to the world, as you write.

Then, of course, is the argument or quality if you will, as we prize here in New Zealand, of keeping a low profile and not brag about oneself, ;-), or (ahem), let others find and promote you.

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