How do you react to it?
Serendipity and After/36
Mrinal Bose

Very interesting experiment. Your publisher is very kind to me, much too kind than what I deserve, as a matter of fact, :-). The only point where I’d differ is I hardly read or take seriously editorials by authors who write in The Anandabazar Patrika (ABP) (with one or two exceptions). Sadly for me, I find their editorials shallow, poorly researched, and essentially opinionated garbage. There is also no point in writing letters to this newspaper either, as they publish letters selectively. ABP is a disaster!

I have heard about Subimal Misra but I have not read him. This is the first time I heard of Bolano. I will search their works and read.

Carry on with the narrative, it’s coming along well. Good to know you are not offended by my occasional edits, :-). Will post the edits and comments on the text later.


P.s. I am also a medical doctor like you, btw.

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