My dear king! ‘Babu’ as a word will have many connotations. To the people, who will be known as ‘English’ in Bharatbarsha*1 in Kaliyug*2
Babu -The Masquerading Bourgeois
Kathakali Mukherjee

How to add footnotes

You can use footnotes thus, Babus¹

Here’s the code:

The text^1 (the caret puts the 1 as a superscript) and then you type the text of the footnote in the text below using a [1] symbol. 
I usually like to add a "separator" (three dots or ellipses, "..." you can select from the style elements in Medium. For the moment, this also serves for referencing.

[1] those despicable beings that still hang out in the twenty first century with the same traits. Now in social media.

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