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My name is Arin, and I’m a User Experience designer based in Denver, CO. This post was written for anyone contemplating a career in UX design, but fearful of taking that leap into a new career. This is my journey — starting as a finance major from the University of Texas to my experience in General Assembly’s UX bootcamp.

UX Design — sounds fun, but I need a “real job”

I find purpose in creating harmonious, impactful interactions between people and the world around them. In college, I led the charge to double a charity organization’s membership by empowering people to pursue meaningful, service-driven relationships with the UT-Austin community. In business…

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Photo by Alex Harvey 🤙🏻 on Unsplash

This article discusses how Don Norman’s Principles of Discoverability could improve the iOS experience for senior citizens. I breakdown each of Norman’s 6 principles and how particular elements of iOS relate feature discoverability.

Thanksgiving was a time of joy and family revelry — a day spent shoving my face with turkey and gravy at noon, followed by football. Then to top off the night the family played blackjack and flip cup… except for me. I spent the night teaching grandma how to use her iPhone.

Despite having the device for a few years, many of the features went unnoticed, or…

Arin Blaylock

User Experience Designer | Researcher

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