Connecting Cryptocurrency With The Real World

The presence of Pundi X is to solve important problems by helping ordinary consumers to buy cryptocurrency as easily as buying a bottle of water from a mini market. We allow cryptocurrency investors, developers, exchange companies and blocks to take advantage of our Pundi X solution, with the greatest advantage for our ICO token holders.

Pundi X’s sales network features hundreds of “Pundi X POS” smart devices (Point-ofSales). Consumers only require a “Pound X Pass” card to buy crypto on POS Pundi X, and retail outlets can handle crypto on a user card, such as an unattended travel card. Consumers can also buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency, bank cards or digital wallet apps.

The network built by Pundi X to serve diversity. Help developers and block holder blocks for unusual consumer cons like never before, so ordinary people can buy your tokens and services, or just learn about what you offer.

What is Pundi?

Pundi X was launched by Wokoworks team where team
Wokoworks has succeeded
developing digital wallet applications that reach the Southeast Asian market, and has quickly become the number one payment application based on QR Code (like Alipay) in Indonesia.

Pundi X targets to become the largest offline sales network of cryptocurrencies such as Walmart and 7-Eleven — which provide the first offline cryptocurrency sales solution that includes:
· Decentralized sales network;
· Multi currency wallet that holds fiat and cryptocurrency
· Decentralized multi-exchange platform

Compliance with the Law
adhere to the Isle of Man Finance Authority as governed by the Virtual Currency Business’s Sector Specific AML / CFT Guidance Notes; 2012 Digital Data Protection Act; 2006 Companies Act 1996 Transfer of Securities Act and 2009 Anti Money Laundering Guideline Notes; Know Your Customer Best Practice Guidance Notes; and other relevant regulations.

Fiduciary compliance
Fiduciary conformity is done by ILS World. ILS World is an independent fiduciary service company working with Pundi X Labs in connection with company registration, business scope, legal compliance, ICO campaign and other relevant matters. ILS World is very experienced in this field having previously supported successful applications for cyptocurrency exchange licenses in the world, and since the ICO project is still very rare, we believe their support is priceless.
Regulatory Compliance
Pundi X is a member of the Fintech Indonesia Association which has maintained a communication relationship with Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Financial Services Authority

Pundi X Blockchain

Each Pundi X POS device is connected to the Ethereal block with XPlugins. As a result, every physical outlet is part of the blockade and etereum developers from around the world can connect with Pundi X’s network of devices and physical outlets.

  • Pundi X Management Platform
  • Connect shop with Pundi X
  • Sell cryptocurrency store everywhere
  • Make a payment using a digital wallet
  • Connected to other crytocurrency exchange

Data collection in each store. Buy cryptourrency using fiat, bank card, mobile wallet or X Pass Pundi.

Pundi X Feature

Pundi X POS device
physical machines that use our XPlugins and connect to the Ethereum blockchain. These devices are available at stores and retailers near you, linking together to form the world’s largest offline sales network.
Pundi X Blockchain
based on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts are used to store transaction data and credit rankings that are then recorded in the blockchain, ensuring a high degree of confidence in decentralized and secure networks. All Pundi X POS devices have XPlugins.
Token PXS
the currency that gives value to Pundi X. For example, every time a seller wants to create a new cryptocurrency list for sale at a participating outlet, the seller must purchase a PXS token to register their new cryptocurrency or use a PXS token to purchase advertising. As the number of POS X POS devices increases, so does the demand for PXS. In the upcoming ICO, 30% of PXS will be distributed with the remainder distributed to PXS holders over the next two years

Pundi X POS
 Buy crypto currency with a price or debit card.

  • Sell your password.
  • Supports online payment methods.
  • Use encryption capacity when collecting phone.
  • Use cryptography to pay public bills.
  • Using cryptokamer to buy goods.

Prepared for ecosystem

The network created by Pundi X aims to serve the ecosystem. Make sure the owners of developers and owners have access to regular consumers and also before, and they learn to buy the symbols and services of normal people or just what to say.

Details of ICO

  • Stage 1: Extra 15% off token
  • Stage 2: Extra token discount of 10%
  • Stage 3: Extra token discount of 5%
  • Stage 4: no
  • October 30 10:00 GMT +8
  • We accept ETH: 500 PXS

Pre-ICO details

  • October 7th at 10:00 GMT + 8
    Additional extensions 30%

40% for the first year, 20% for the second year, 10% for the third year. Airspace occurs monthly and decreases every month. For this reason, the first month air will be the highest and the last month (thirty-eight months) will be the least.

How many Pundi X POS devices will you spend?
Within 3 years 100,000–700,000.
What are the features of Pundi X POS devices?
The MTK / Qualcomm solution with an Android-like operating system.

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Where can I buy your ICO tokens?
You can buy PXS * only * tokens from our website
Who can join ICO?
Anyone except Americans, Chinese, Macau and Hong Kong can participate.

2017 Q1
- The official launch of Pundi-Pundi
2017 Q2
- Enroll 60,000 + users and merchants join 350+
2017 Q3
- 100,000+ registered providers and merchants join 500+
- Preparation of ICO X Pundi
- Pundi X establishes Representative Office in Korea
2017 Q4
- (2017–10–7) Pre-Ico kicks off
- (2017–10–30) ICO kicks off
- (2017–11–29) End of ICO
- (2017–12–30) Pundi X POS device spread in Indonesian Market, initially 500 devices
- PXS Token will be entered into 3 major Exchanges
2018 Q1
- The official launch of Pundi X Platform, Cryptocurrensy Developer and Trade will be able to do so
 Integrate with retail distribution network Pundi X
- Set up a branch in Korea and deploy Pundi X POS Devices there
- Pundi X will open its source platform and SDK to all e-wallet and mobile payment
- Set up branches in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Will spread 2000–3000 Pundi X
 POS devices in these countries
2018 Q2
- Enter the Canadian Market
- Will issue 3000–5000 Pundi X POS Devices in Asia’s landmark tourist area
- Set up branches of Philippines and Vietnam and deploy the POS X POS Tool inside
 two countries
- Set up a branch in Japan and deploy PUNDI X POS Devices there
- Accumulated lay out 10000–20000 Pundi X POS device
- Enter US Market if the rules are allowed
2018 Q3
- Set up the North European branch, deploy Pundi X POS Devices to sweden, Norway,
 Finland, Denmark and Esstonia in the form of agent-partnership
- Form Foundation X Incubation Foundation, to accelerate blockchain innovation and cultivate
 future partnership
- Launch of Credit System Pundi X, this is one of the core components of a large whole
 data system
- Accumulated lay out 30000 Pundi X POS Devices
2018 Q4
- Enter the Russian Market, install Pundi X POS Device
- Spread in Europe landmark tourist attaction, estimated lay out 50000 Pundi X POS
- Set up hardware R & D Center in Shenzhen
- Accumulated Lay out 50000 Pundi X POS Devices
2019 Q1
- Enter the American Market, install POS X Pundi Tool
- Pundi blockchain announcement
- Setting Southeast Blockchain R & D center, Operation Center
- Pundi X POS v2.0 device
2019 Q2
- Set up branches of Western Europe, deploy Pundi X POS Devices to Germany, Frence,
 UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg and other countries in agency partnerships
- Accumulated lay out 70000 Pundi X POS Devices
2019 Q3
- Pundi Credit Rating Big Data Base v1.0
- Enter India, POrtuguese, Spain, Romania and other European countries with agents
- Accumulated lay out 80000 Pundi X POS Devices
2019 Q4
- Pundi X POS v3.0 device
- Enter the Middle East Market and African Market
- Accumulated lay out 100000 Pundi X POS Devices
- Enter the China Market if the rules are allowed
- Accumulated lay out 200000 Pundi X POS Devices

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