SEO isn’t Dead: Ethical Ways to Use It for Business

It may surprise to some people that SEO is still alive and kicking and must to grow your business. From many year, SEO is used for business promotion. A new concept is referred to as online audience optimization (OAO). But Online audience optimization is not the new thing.

As search engines shifted towards language processing. Content creativity, people awareness on social networks are also increasing. To achieve your target and ranking via SEO, OAO tips are very important to promote your business.

Google Local Page Creation and Business Listing

If your business or organization has verifiable, you are eligible to create your Google local page with local listing. It doesn’t matter your business is around the world. Your organisation visibility will increase in local searches.

Regular Content Review and Audits

Performing content audit is about exciting as it sounds good. Content auditing on regular basis is surely a difficult and critical step. Evaluate, execute, compile and correct your content at least once in a year to maintain content quality and auditing. You will surely get benefit from:

-Remove or avoid from duplicate content

-Eliminate bad external and internal links

-Update your relevant blogs and articles

-Improve title and meta tags

Keyword Stuffing is no more, Data Mining is in

SEO practice definitely needs to include keyword research and it is the more important thing for any business. Without keyword research, you can’t extend your searches for your business. I recommend top keyword research tools like Google keyword planner tool. Use mining research insight on topics that are exist in searches and trending on social media also. Analysis your business website and check your competitor website, what they are doing. So, do it better.

Embrace Long List Posts on High Authority Blogs

People love high quality content blogs. They try to engage with high quality blogs on regular basis. For Online Internet marketing services, posts on high authority blogs is the key factor to get rankings high in search engine result pages (SERPs) according to Google’s own content guidelines.

Perfect blogs are usually:

-Very high quality content

-Well researched

-In-depth tips under each point

Get Your Website Quick Load and Easy to Navigate

If your website is in outdated queue, quality content marketing will not be befitted for SEO. Your website should be load quickly, visually attractive and easy to navigate. Test your website with Google page-speed insights and Google mobile friendly test tools.

Stop Buying Paid Links

Paid links might affect your website and might actually negative affect of your website ranking. It can affect your website visibility in search. So, try to stop buying paid links for your website.

Maintain People Engagement

For people engagement, social media is the most important thing. Keep updated on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and some other social websites on regular basis. Create groups and connect people according to the relevant services. Write quality content and post it on social sites with effective images and products (If your website has). Also share your posts in relevant groups on these social media sites.