Our booth featuring Foursquare socks, water bottles, and Swarm Frisbees!

A few weeks ago we sponsored LA Hacks, a hackathon featuring more than 1,500 developers — one of the largest hackathons in the world. Over 100 developers signed up for our API, and 20+ of those projects were submitted for an award.

Our goal here was to inspire young developers to dream up the next generation of amazing products and services, and provide them with the tools to make them a reality.

We educated 500+ developers about our Places API and hosted a workshop to help folks get started. This included teaching participants about how our venue search algorithm uses…

Documentation is one of the most important aspects in building a strong developer community. Earlier this year we launched an entirely new version of developer.foursquare.com, packed with features to help developers get started and explore our location intelligence tools.

In addition to updating the site’s branding, our team overhauled the existing documentation. A month since launch, we’re excited to talk about how we built it, and share some of our learnings in this post. We’ll first discuss infrastructure changes and then delve into some features.


Here is a breakdown of our developer documentation infrastructure.

Content Management

Upon approaching a redesign…

Arin Ray

Solutions Engineer at Foursquare

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