So this one time at a journalism conference…
Heather Bryant

There is another perspective on it.
I’d say “garbage man” is really a very acid test.
If it was about mere class snobbism — then to diagnose it would be better if the author could come up claiming with low end low income but still “clean” job. And see how much the reaction would be different/similar to the observed “garbage man” reaction.

The thing is, aversion and disgust towards waste and trash are our animal instincts. Those that kept us all alive through animal evolution stages. That let as survive without sinking into countless diseases, the uncontrolled wastes tend to generate.

The same instinct that make people pay for regular removal of waste, makes them averse to ANYTHING connected to waste.
See, animal instincts are not surgical tools, they are strong but blunt. They are area-targeting weapons.

So, while for the spouse herself such attitude to her beloved one heally is disgusting, I believe the roots of those issues lie not in the class snobbism, but in pre-historic times perhaps predating the Homo Sapience first appearance.

Yep, it would be surely better if they could suppress those animal instincts, like we do suppress hunger and reproduction instincts, avoiding robbery and rapes, most of us. Still her diagnosis it as “class society” being the root cause I think is not correct.

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