When you drive around Chicago, or any city like it, recognition for its leaders should not just be visible in Black neighborhoods

I was surprisingly emotional when I covered the ceremony changing the name of a downtown Chicago street from Congress Drive to Ida B. Wells Drive.

Wells, a Black woman and journalist, was one of many people the city had not adequately honored — with only a torn-down housing authority project…


Mainstream support for Black Lives Matter has waned. But for Black people, the fight continues — and so does the agony.

It is now a year after the murder of George Floyd, and Black people are still exhausted.

“There’s something called racial battle fatigue, and it is the exhaustion that comes from event after event, assault after assault,” says Thema Bryant-Davis, a professor of psychology at Pepperdine University and the director…

A guilty verdict does not always equal appropriate consequences

When Judge Peter Cahill read off three guilty verdicts in the trial of Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, much of the world took a collective exhale.

The former Minneapolis police officer — now guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter for the murder of George Floyd — is the…

Chicago police killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo, and some media responded by questioning Toledo’s character. Black and Brown kids deserve better.

The public has now seen the troubling video of a Chicago police officer shooting and killing Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old Latino boy who lived in the city’s Little Village neighborhood.

For Chicagoans, especially for those in Black and Brown communities, the shooting feels like another likely injustice in a long…

Black Thoughts

The stimulus discussion proves we don’t trust people — especially poor and Black folks — to make their own best decisions

When I was a poor, pregnant 21-year-old, I struggled to afford groceries. I signed up for WIC (a federal food assistance program for women, infants, and children) but it didn’t help me buy any of the fruits and vegetables I’d hoped to incorporate into my diet. …

Black Thoughts

When it comes to Black employees, we already know the challenges

A new study by Walmart finds that, unsurprisingly, it will take almost a century for Black workers to be equally represented in the private sector.

The study, also cosigned by McKinsey & Company, more specifically states that it would take 95 years for Black employees to reach “talent parity.” In…

Reallocating the budgets of police departments isn’t a new idea, but one that’s reached the mainstream

A photo of a protest. One big sign reads “DEFUND THE POLICE.”

The recent police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis outraged the country, sparked global protests, and became the latest symbol of the centuries of systemic violence toward Black Americans. …

Yara Shahidi’s show salutes young mothers who are getting degrees and dream jobs with their babies in tow

OOne test didn’t feel like enough. There, standing in my tiny college bathroom, I looked down at the two lines indicating that I was pregnant, and I took a second test. …

Arionne Nettles

Arionne Nettles is a lecturer at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, a Chicago-based journalist, and a special needs mama.

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