100 Beautiful Songs Which Were Made When God Was Smiling, Probably (pt. 3)

Thought I was in a limbo, losing my memory, faded and washed away by a sheer cold that came along with the dead of the night. It was 10 p.m. but I would not let a single bit of my soul slipped away anymore. Hold on, my consciousness, hold tightly. The demon was lurking beneath the bedsheets, waiting for us to fall asleep/

When would it come to an end? How would it come to an end? Questions you always asked but you didn’t really want to know the answer/

  1. Mono — Moonlight

2. Mogwai — Mogwai Fear Satan

3. Explosions In The Sky — Catastrophe and the Cure

4. Explosions In The Sky — So Long, Lonesome

5. 65daysofstatic — Retreat!Retreat!

7. Slint — Washer

8. Godspeed You! Black Emperor — Moya

9. Deafheaven — Come Back

10. Mogwai — Take Me Somewhere Nice

I didn’t know where I was back then. Maybe it was a point of no return. Once it set sail, there was no way of turning back/