When We’re Having Doubts

I’ve often heard people talk about their doubts. They’ve been in those self-doubting times when they’re going to have tests, or when they’re going to have interviews on tomorrow morning, or maybe even for their usual dental appointment. People having doubts because they were unsure of themselves, whether they can, or they should do the thing they’re supposed to do. And in my opinion, I guess to doubt is being normal. Simply put, to live is to continuously being in doubt every time.

One day, someone talked to me about how she’s been in doubt for several years. She thinks, she’s always been that kind of person who doubts about anything beforehand. She believed if we see the worst earlier, we can anticipate everything in advance. In some ways, these could be the good thing to do. For after all, humans always make plans, right?

But I barely disagree to this idea and I offer her this point of view. I thought, if we live our life while having doubts all the times, it’s like you’re tip-toeing the water. Which you never could do.

To know the water, you have to swim into it.

It is normal for having doubts, but doubts couldn’t get you anywhere. Doubts will always keep our eyes away from the good things. I believe for every hundred worst things, there will be a hundred and one best things available for us. And with having doubts, we would fail to see those.

Oftentimes, life gives us a chance to live that we can’t even comprehend. It continues to amaze us in a million ways possible with its mysterious blessing.

Let the past with all the doubts be our lesson to learn, not to be the things that we regret for the rest of our lives. Let the future with all the mysteries unravel itself, be our reason to live and spend every each day as best as possible.

PS: This comes as my personal reminder, too.