4: The Life of Students

Utopianism requires a vision of history in which the juices of the present are concentrated toward a pinnacle in the future. This is different from a vision of history that leaves the present with no particularly special bearing any other time in history.

Student life should be bound by the spiritual essense of utopianism, a subordination of the self to the abstract ideals of society, not to duty nor to vocation. A road to a new world order exists in the formulation of student life. The being of a student is conducive to utopian thoughts and the ability to envision broad social changes, and something is achieved by living in a community of students even if the futures envisioned in studenthood’s presents are not concretely realized. A student already lives within the vision of history in which the present is hyperconcentrated toward some future perfection. A student is a messianic being.

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