What happened? I: Virgil Texas

On June 3rd, 2013, Virgil Texas of Chapo Trap House hosted the second event in an ongoing series of performances called Rebel Girl.

The first Rebel Girl event was hosted on March 20, just a few months before the event I’d like to talk about, and, as far as I can tell, it went fine. Rebel Girl 2 is another story.

As Virgil mentions in the video above, the main guests of the night at Rebel Girl II were Million Dollar Extreme. If you’re unfamiliar with MDE, I recommend you look them up. I don’t want to waste too much time on backstory, but MDE was a failed Adult Swim show started by neo-Nazi Sam Hyde.

That same neo-Nazi performed at the event, and so did his friends. Virgil knew of their background, and yet, he didn’t care. In fact, he made some jokes of his own to promote the event.

ZOG stands for “Zionist Occupied Government”, a common Nazi slur.

Take a listen to what these Nazi fucks had to say. The first one to speak is a guy named Charls Carroll. He “jokes ” about gaming, makes a quip about “gunning down” the audience, and opines on the degenerative influence of Asian culture.

A little further into the show, it becomes clear that Virgil is somewhat uncomfortable with the way the performances are going. You know, because it’s a fucking Nazi open mic. Watch:

But feeling awkward didn’t stop Virgil from posting this, presumably in the middle of the show.


There seems to be a a larger picture here, but I haven’t yet connected all of the dots.

Here’s a photo of Hyde with notorious Nazi computer hacker, Weev.


Now onto Nick Mullen (also friend of Weev)

Nick Mullen is friends with both Felix Biederman and Amber Frost.


Felix even boosted Mullen’s podcast a little while back.


Here’s some of the other stuff Mullen has posted, for context…


Again, this is who Weev is:


And this shit isn’t just in the past. Here’s Felix today:


Mullen was also on Gavin McInnes’s show. You know, the guy who founded the Proud Boys.


So, Virgil… What happened?


Here are the videos:

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