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Dear Believers of Flat-Earth

Stay Away From Our Children’s Education

Dear believers of Flat-Earth,

If you believe in a something like Flat Earth, you inevitably must also reject all current human knowledge. Two millennia accumulation of science. From the philosophers of ancient Greek to the the polymaths of Baghdad & Cordova. From the scholars of Oxford & Venice, to the scientists in California and Massachusetts.

You must reject the science of modern physics and astrophysics. Reject environmental sciences & biology. Refuse the convenience that these technologies had given us: internet, satellites, radio, et cetera. Refuse to believe about the danger of climate change that threatens the planet. Making you an enemy of the environment. You also need to reject evolutionary biology, modern genetics, and biomedicine. In short, rejecting the progress of our species’ health & well-being.

It is not only disheartening, it is embarrassing. It is not only anti-development, it is a backward movement. For young people, I know anything rebellious can sometimes looks cool. But most of the times it is just plain stupid. For the adults, I can only cringe on how pathetic your view on the world is. But if you’re a parent or a teacher, I fear for the children under your care. The future generation.

That is why I take this matter seriously. Be it you’re a Flat Earth-er, a creationist, or a member of any other anti-science movements. You are all under my radar. I will be there to smite your hoaxes and pseudoscience. Put some logic and common sense into your baseless views.

We, Indonesians, are left behind in technology. Thus we need to take many steps forward. Not a step backward like you have took. So unless you have made a comprehensive rewrite of our whole science & knowledge, rewrite basic biology to advanced rocketry (based on your beliefs), please stay away from our children and our schools. You are worse than drug dealers.

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