Ode to Life, Music, & Code

It’s fascinating where the path of life lead you. More than a decade ago I was just a freelance self-taught web developer. No relevant academic background whatsoever. Doing small gigs here & there, barely making ends meet. My passion for creation was my main drive to get through those endless nights of coding. And I also had music. Music was always there with me.

What I listened to in 2008. Yes, I’m a big fan of American Idol.
Dugong, a PHP-Flex-ActionScript3 framework I wrote in 2008. I used it extensively for the next couple of years.

And now here I am. Working for a software company in a first world country, whose products are marketed all around the globe. Using the latest and the best tools in the industry. Here I am coding away from one the best cities in the world. Just me, my laptop, and my headphones. Coding and listening to the same music, like I did years ago when I started this path.

I admit, sometimes I got tired of coding too.

Some coders will tell you programmers are people capable of converting caffeine into code. Well I use music as my fuel. I convert sound wave into code. Here is an ode to more music and more codes. So grateful for both.

Has music, will code.

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