Love is Conditional, But Relationship is Transactional (pt. I)

A conversation with my best friend Jeremiah, over cigaretters of his and a box of yogurt of mine, over night sky at the terrace on the first day of January.

I told Jeremiah one thing;

“If I say I like somebody it must be because of what he does. I fall for the things people do with fire burning in their eyes. I fall for the passion they have first, their talent, their determination. Their passion… it makes your life more interesting, its their value in my eyes.

Sometimes I forget they have flaws, those tiny holes I have not seen. I want them not to be fragile, I want them to always strive.”

“But that is not the case with this one person. It doesn’t apply to him I suppose?”

“Well, I guess, that is why it is love. I fall in love with his eyes, I fall in love with his soul, with all the fragility in it.”

“Whatever he does you are still gonna love him"

“Love is conditional, but relationship is transactional.”

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