When Old School and New School Unite

Old School

Crypto Space Commander (CSC for short), in a lot of ways reminds me of a game I used to play back in the early nineties called Star Control 2, and that is really saying something because Star Control 2 was deeply awesome game. It was a 2D, top-down space exploration game, complete with real-time multiplayer starship dogfights and alien interaction, all set in a sandbox universe. If you remember it, you probably loved it as much as I did. CSC has taken all the things that I loved about Star Control and rendered it with the Unity 3D engine. The company that is developing CSC, Lucid Sight, has also taken the multiplayer leaps and bounds further, by making it an MMO. The developers have stated that the game client will be playable cross-platform through your browser (via webGL), and through native Android and iOS apps.

New School

EVE steers clear of real world financial liability by banning the sale of game assets outside of the game. CSC developers have chosen a very interesting alternative. The in-game native currency is Ether, the crypto currency used in the Ethereum blockchain. Ether is easily interchangeable with hard currency, giving real value to game assets. This actually makes it possible to pay your bills by playing video games, how great is that. At the same time it will make the CSC experience significantly more hardcore; space pirates will not give you your money back.

CSC Present State

Presently, Lucid Sight is opening up mini-games for all ship captains, even prior to alpha. In fact, the first mini-game titled Mining Expedition Alpha begins today! Get in there and claim some resources. They will be sent to your Ethereum wallet, and stored until you are ready to craft or trade.

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