Hello everyone, completely new to Medium here but I have used Twitter in the past. Those accounts are gone now, though.

I’m back because I like the way Twitter works and without the character limit, I think it’s a great service; I hope this blog turns out great- hopefully, it’ll be a place

I’m here, #Medium, which was written as the brain-child of Twitter on the website that referred me. I hope that it is, as it’ll be a prosperous place to be if it’s true. The beginning of this blog will some details on the little slappy-fight that is going on between Google Developers and the Microsoft team.

I’m experienced in SEO and the little tricks that are happening on MS/Google operating systems and in their respective browsers. 
It won’t be very serious at times; sometimes, it’s better to joke about something, because in the end it’ll likely be forgotten anyway; it would be better to spend this soon forgotten time laughing.

Most of these are straight from the handbook- notes and all, which can sometimes get weird, or whatever. Either way, thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from this new community!

A quick note before I go, with being applied to all content on this blog which mentions another company, their products, service or otherwise. I do not, nor do I claim to own any rights, trademarks or responsibility within these companies. If it’s mine, I’ll claim it.