Lauren Modery

actually i have a tiny house but I didn’t want to go hardcore. it’s 15 feet by 25 feet. its about the size of a one bedroom apartment and it pretty much looks like one inside. lost of shelves and a few closets a queen sized bed. the only downside of this downsize is no dishwasher. not really a big deal. i’m single and live alone and at my housewarming i managed to fit 7 people plus me inside. i loved the idea of a tiny house but didn’t want to make the sacrifices to have pop out sinks and retractible toilets. no need to reinvent the wheel just get a house that is small. and i didn’t do it to be cool. it was affordable and now have the security of being a houseowner with no rent or morgage. i put it in an upscale trailer park because i didn’t want to live in the middle of nowhere. land is nice but having access to stores and things plus a place your friends can drive to is better.