After enjoying a wonderful time in fun vibrant Barcelona and beautiful calm Madrid I was so ready and excited to go to Paris. The first time I went to Paris I was 14 and it was with my high school class. We went around France for 2 weeks and were only in Paris for 3 days. So I gave myself 3 weeks to really get to know the city and explore it and I have to say I’m incredibly disappointed I really wish I chose another place to stay. …

Vibe of the city:

happy, unique, goofy

Time to stay:

1 week (or forever if you can)

Wow! I honestly love Amsterdam so much! The people seem so at ease with life and It is a very liberal spiritual place. Everyone is very open minded and accepting of anyone.

Things to note

Amsterdam is mainly Dutch people so a lot of the people are very tall and blond. Another thing to consider is prostitution, weed, and psychedelics such as truffles are legal despite this everyone seems incredibly responsible and people seem to keep a good balance of life in Amsterdam. …


You never quite feel at home

You know that feeling of coming home sitting on the couch and just relaxing it’s kind of hard to have that feeling when you know you’ll only be in that place for a week or 2. Why even unpack or put things in the drawers ,you’ll be gone just as soon as you arrive. Exploring all day is so exciting but it does suck coming back to different places every time and not really getting that “I’m at home” feeling.

It can get very lonely

This is probably the toughest for me, I’m used to coming home to family and hanging out with friends on the weekend but because I’m always on the go and in different places it’s tough to make friends especially the friends that you grow close to. With the extreme time difference I have to deal with I can sometimes go days not talking to friends or family because our time schedules don’t sync up at all. It’s tough at first but it’s definitely something most solo travelers will go through and just something to be prepared for just know it’s won’t be forever and it’s an adventure that you can always look back on and be happy that you did it. …

Recommended time of stay 1.5 weeks

Overall Vibe of the place: fun, touristy, energetic, friendly

Barcelona! Wow what a perfect place to start off my solo trip, it is full of life, architecture, friendly people. It just has this fun, friendly party vibe to it with so much to see. But it also has a huge amount of tourists so be ready for lots of people walking around with camera’s, there are also a lot of pickpockets especially in the touristy areas so be sure to watch your stuff. My friend came to visit me in Barcelona and got his wallet stolen and was only there for like 4 days. …

(From my personal experience)

Book your Airbnb’s Early!

I personally use Airbnb only because it’s cheap and I work strange hours so it doesn’t really work well with hostels and single hotels rooms are just too expensive for me. Anyways I recommend booking at LEAST 1 month in advance. At the beginning of my trip I was booking my Airbnb’s 2 weeks in advance and the locations weren’t that great, with only a few room options for what I needed left (which wasn’t much just a private desk and some WiFi) which made it very stressful, so I started looking further in time like a month into my trip and WOW the room options were got much BETTER (amazing location, excellent reviews, added utilities etc.) …

So today is day one of traveling solo in Barcelona Spain the #1 problem I had was the wifi connection problem. Now Barcelona “say’s” that they provide free wifi throughout the city but it barely works at all. So when I first went out I felt so lost trying to find anything and I went back to my room to find some downloadable apps and I came across this app called and basically you can star places, create routes, and the app will guide you even when your offline. It helped me so much because I starred the place I was staying and was always able to find it again. I was also able to find some certain restaurants, hotels, sights, wifi etc. using the app while I was offline. …

Here are a few of my favorite places I like to go to every time I go back to Honolulu, Hawaii.

  1. Sky Waikiki

This is a great place to get some drinks with friends and enjoy an amazing view with friends. Drinks are a bit on the pricy side but I think it’s worth it for the atmosphere and view. They also have happy hour from 5–7 (only for certain drinks) but be sure to make reservations or come early cause it gets packed around that time. …

Well I’m gonna try my best to record this experience as best as I can. I made the decision to buy a one way ticket to Spain after a broken heart and to sort of figure out the rest as it goes and just embrace the unknown.

My list of things I want to gain from this experience

  • Grow as a person
  • Meet all sorts of people with different backgrounds and stories
  • To create unforgettable memories I can look back on
  • To understand and learn more about myself as a person
  • To get inspired artistically and creatively

In Conclusion

One thing I’m starting to realize is that your never gonna be fully ready to go but you go anyways most people have no idea what they’re doing but they go and take that first step or they miss the chance. …



My goal is to share my journey, experiences and designs with you. I try to bring in a unique perspective into everything I see.

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