The first attempt

I ran my first half marathon today (19/2/2017)morning at University of Hyderabad. It was a wonderful and refreshing experience running a long distance after a long time (I have never run 21km before and trust it is no joke to run 13.1 mile at a stretch). I targetted 1:45 and was able to complete in 1:42:29 despite a mishap in the route directions.

These are some of the things that I found useful

  • Train : I cannot emphasize enough the importance of training. Training can overpower injuries, trends and everything that is in the realm of science. It is important to train in a scientific manner prior to any marathon. Further, it is of paramount importance to be consistent than ebbs and highs of a flowing river.
  • Goals: Realistic yet tad far-fetched goals helps to keep one both optimistic and challenged. It is important to take into account one’s health conditions, personal capabilities and previous record while setting goals. Unrealistic goals may demotivate or frustrate a runner especially a noob.
  • Warmup and Cooldown: This is something that most neophytes tend to ignore and turns into a habit subsequently. These are very important in long run and they can boost one’s performance greatly. There are lots of videos in you tube these days which one can leverage. It is especially to relax the muscles before running in cold weather.

Close to the race day

  • Be extra cautious not to injure yourself in the week preceding the race. I would suggest avoid running altogether. Exercising would be advisable though
  • Have a light dinner before the race day and have a good night’s sleep
  • Wake up early (2–3 hours prior)on the race day and have a banana/milk or any instant carb source.
  • Although this is minor, make sure to tie your shoe laces lest you injure yourself. It can also be distracting and break the momentum.
  • Reach the venue well ahead of time and make sure to warmup.
  • Make a note of the route of the race.
  • Carry water/electrolyte with yourself .
  • It is also important to have a fitness tracker for yourself apart from the official timing chip.

Happy running and stay fit!