How Can The Netherlands qualify for the World Cup 2018

Netherlands Football passing it’s worst time . Didn’t qualify for the Euro 16.. And looks like it is difficult for them to qualify for Even The World Cup now..

They are currently holding the fourth position in their Group. 5 MATCHES LEFT. Luxembourg, France,Bulgaria, Belarus,Sweden... These are those five opponents... They have to win against all of them. It won’t be easy to win against France mostly.. They are one of the strongest contenders for the WC18 Tittle. So,If Netherlands win all these 5 matches,will they qualify??? NO!

Netherlands have 7 Points. Winning 5 Matches will get them 15 more... So, It will be a total of 22 Points then. 
 As Sweden & Bulgaria (2nd and 3rd Position Holder) will be beaten by the Netherlands. Sweden & Bulgaria will still have 4 matches left. Their points will be 10 & 9 in that stage. If they win all their next 4 matches,Their points will be a total of 22 & 21.. 22 for Sweden & 21 for Bulgaria. So Netherlands and Sweden both will be having 22 points... But There is a good news for the Holland fans... Sweden and Bulgaria will meet in one of their last four games.. So,If Bulgaria beats Sweden.. at the end of all the matches Bulgaria will have 21 points & Sweden will have 19. Netherlands will then qualify for the next round. But if Sweden beats Bulgaria,then Netherlands and Sweden will have the same points. Due to Bad Goal Difference, Sweden Might go to the next round.. 
But But But.. There is a good news here too.. Sweden Have a match against France. So,If France Beats Sweden.. Netherlands will qualify...

But What If No one wins between Sweden and Bulgaria.. Haha it is so simple then... Netherlands will qualify...

Okay, then after qualifying for the next stage Netherlands have to beat their opposition to qualify for the World Cup 2018.

It is Simple then.... Netherlands Have to win all the games... to qualify.... 
The Mission starts from today...

Now Read what I said in Two Lines:

How Netherlands can qualify:
** They have to win all their remaining five matches.
** France should Beat Bulgaria and Sweden.

Oh I did not said the second line before?? hehe... sorry...

A Very Simple Plan for Netherlands then... but a tough job for them.... as they are not the same one we used to see before... Best Of Luck. :)

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