An Underrated Perspective

If it helps you, do it

If the act that scares you is beneficial to you in any form, you should do it. Stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t just for the thrill of it, its also to help you grow as a person. I like to compare stepping out of your comfort zone and Butterfly Effect because when applied, it shows you the different outcome of how things could have been better for you if you had stepped out of your comfort zone. If you joined speech and debate, the worst that can happen is that you freeze up on stage, but maybe it could have been a pivotal moment in your life where you find something you’re passionate about. This doesn’t mean that all decisions that scare you should be pursued in hopes of a greater outcome, but if the risk isn’t high then it’s worth a shot.

An Example

Here’s an example, think of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs but there was a chance where it wouldn’t be the case. His birth parents originally had one requirement, the adoptive parents had to be college graduates in order to take care of their child, and neither Paul nor Clara had a college degree, let alone a high school diploma. The birth parents agreed to sign the adoption papers after the adoptive couple signed a pledge to fund a savings account for Steve’s higher education. If Steve Jobs wasn’t brought up in the Jobs household, the tech industry wouldn’t see the revolutionary impacts made by Apple. Most of us wouldn’t be reading this article, assuming you’re reading this on an iPhone. This doesn’t relate to stepping out of your comfort zone, but it shows that taking the chance on something or in this case, someone, can change the lives of many including you.



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