Problems With Having Role Models

I’m not against the idea of having a role model, in fact I have many. I think that most people have the wrong idea of what characteristics to borrow from their desired role model. I know this because for a long time, I only looked at role models because of their success and never bothered to learn how they reached their goals or what characteristics helped them get to the position they are in. All I thought about was how they are all rich and that’s what I wanted to be, so they became my role model. Turns out like everything, there was a deeper meaning, and I am glad I found the meaning sooner rather than later and wanted to share my thoughts revolving around this idea.


Most people will pick role models in the field they want to excel in and call it a day. They look up to them because of their income and lifestyle and not their spiritual values. The spiritual values are what helped them achieve their goals and the reason why they are so successful. Looking at them with the sole purpose of desiring their bank account won’t get you anywhere. I know this because this is the problem I had with my role models. I looked up to Steve Jobs before because he was loaded after making Apple. Then as I read more about him I realize what he had to go through to reach his level of success, and it wasn’t easy. I started borrowing characteristics that helped him achieve his goals that are similar to mine. This not only helped me grow as a person, but also taught me a lot about other values that changed my perspective of how I view the world.

The Importance of Having Multiple Role Models

Another role model I have is Muhammad Ali. I have no intentions of becoming a boxer, I started looking up to him for different reasons relating to humanity. Not only is he the greatest athlete, but he is arguably one of the most influential figures in history. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. He was very vocal about things he was passionate about and was very intelligent. These are all things I strive to be like which I found more resonating with Ali rather than Jobs. This is why I think it’s crucial to have multiple role models, there is a lot you can learn from others that you may not get the chance to learn from your fixated role model.

If you already do these things with your role models, then you are already ahead of most people in my opinion because you create a deeper connection with them instead of looking up to them because of their materialistic possessions. Having multiple role models helps you explore your character more and learn new values your desired role model might not possess. Your role model can be anyone as long as you pick out the right characteristics that adds good value to your character.



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