We Fear Things We Shouldn’t Fear

This is really aimed towards the vast majority of people, which probably includes you too. We fear things that we think will cause great harm to us and will destroy our lives. I think it’s totally fine to be afraid, but some things that we are afraid of makes no sense to me because of how dull-witted the notions are. We are far more capable than we think we are, and these small concepts are holding us back from our full potential.

Alexander The Great

representation of the average person

“During his 13-year reign as the king of Macedonia, Alexander created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from Greece to northwestern India.” (National Geographic Society Alexander the Great).

Alexander the III was 20 years old when he was crowned king of Macedonia upon his father’s assassination. He died in 323 B.C.E aged 32. This goes to show that your age has nothing to do with how big your goals are. Just your willingness to get it done. As a sophomore in high school, I encounter many reasons why I don’t like most people’s mindset, and this idea of being afraid to achieve bigger things is one of my main reasons. For example, the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an exam you take in your junior year of high school to increase the chances of getting into a good college and the highest score you may receive is a 1600. Some people are afraid to even think that they will get a 1600, they will say that it’s too hard and that it’s almost impossible. Now let's put this into perspective, Alexander conquered God knows how much land in his 20’s, and you’re afraid to aim for a 1600? The capability to overcome your fear by outweighing it by having faith in yourself will greatly boost your moral and maybe even increase your common sense in if you should be afraid to do certain things or not. Most of our daily problems and challenges don’t last forever, and it’s okay to be afraid when making big decisions, like spending the rest of your life with someone, not taking the first step of getting to know that someone. This isn’t totally our fault either, most of us were brought up in a state of playing it safe because it’s the safest option to pick. It’s good to pick this option if the conditions you’re in is in total despair, but for most young people, with very little to lose, I think the only option that should be available to pick is taking the risk. Alexander did it, and he did pretty good.

only you can control your fear, therapy won’t help. Living in a constant state of fear of what people will think and say if you say a certain thing or do something different, it will only slow you down and make your life miserable. So, if you are afraid of encountering a new challenge or to do something different, compare it to Alexander’s situation, you will most likely accept the challenge.

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National Geographic Society. “Alexander the Great.” National Geographic Society, 15 Jan. 2019, https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/alexander-great/.



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