What Makes a Good Movie?

There are many elements that can make movies a masterpiece, but I think that there are certain elements that are more important than others to tell a more compelling story. The elements I’m going to talk about is based solely on my opinions and are in no particular order, I know nothing about film making and if I ever do end up making a movie, you guys will know exactly what elements I would focus on, which would be an odd but a cool conversation starter in your near future.

me explaining to James Cameron why I’m not copying Titanic

A good story

A good story makes sense to start off this list. Good stories don’t always have to focus on being different than other stories, reinventing the wheel is hard so borrowing some inspiration isn’t bad. Here’s an example; a broke college student wins a ticket to the fanciest airplane flying in modern history. His ticket isn’t all that special though, he sits in the regular economy class. As he was walking to his seat, he falls in love with a girl sitting in first class with her family. Does this ring a bell? I ripped this off of Titanic, except this time they are on an airplane, and the main lead is not as good looking as DiCaprio.

how does he do that


The aesthetics of a movie is really what attracts the viewers' attention. I envy those who know how a camera works properly because you can bring emotion into a picture or film. I don’t really like how Titanic was filmed and I think it could be more visually appealing, so I would pass the camera to Claudio Miranda, who handled the cinematography of the movie Life of Pi. I think that this is also the most important element to get right because this can make or break a movie. Nice, we have an Oscar worthy story, and pretty good cinematics, all that’s left is to tie it all together with music.

The stem player is Kanye’s streaming platform


Music can carry a movie if the cinematics lack. Music can add more emotion into certain scenes but can also ruin it if it’s over done. I think Pixar’s Coco did it best when Miguel sings to his grandmother, almost made me cry in Spanish class which was not cool. I’m giving Kanye West full control of the music department because I can and it’s my movie. Is there a chance that the music won’t relate to the movie? Highly possible but he knows music better than me so it will sound better than anything I would make.

Will this movie end up winning an Oscar? Definitely not but that wasn’t the point of me making this terrible example. I wanted to show that if even one of these elements goes wrong then the whole movie could potentially flop, in this case the music (you could also argue the story). Making a movie is more than just these three elements though, the end credits would be a lot shorter without all of them, so they are just as important, but I think these are what I focus on the most when I watch a movie.



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