Usability first Product Life Circle

This article isn’t 100% true, but it happens in development world.

As a developer or product designer you will bring a niche feature to the reality, but how the reality or the end-user user will get that.

First thing you will phase is the business requirement. Secondly you should have an end-users requests, most of the the time that doesn’t happen well. You will do it, as business requirement directed.

If the business requirement was made well based on end-users need then the product will play well. If not, then this is a another useless product seen a sun.

Mostly the business requirements are coming from who has an business intelligence. They know how to make a money, but they’re not really sure about how to threat well the end-user. When you start selling a product, it will return with compliances and so on. Now the product cycle will start rotating improvement of usability. Sounds very normal. But it’s expensive and time consuming in bigger organizations or slower companies.

What if …

In early stage of feature development, we spend time with the end-user, introduce our niche, get their feedback, show them how it will be looks like, or how it feels and works like.

Now the product cycle will be bit tricky or more circular.

Two circular rotation before development begins. This circles can be one or more than two, depending on case

Why do we need this type of product circle?

It’s a lot job for UX’s and Product designers. But it will save money and time for the long run. At the end, we will have happy customers (end-users).