Everyone dreads getting-to-know-you activities. We all think we know each other and we do not need to get to know the deeper self of someone else because we only see them during third hour. Yet I did not mind this one. We had to interview a classmate and later write what I am writing now. Sort of like a Humans of New York post, which by the way are very touching. Hannah Haeberle. I knew who she was but then I realized that we do not actually know each other. I mean yeah, we have several classes together and have had them for the past three years but I don’t actually know her.

“Umm…hmm…greatest accomplishment…um… Probably almost making it to state the last two years in tennis, that was pretty cool even though we didn’t make it, it was a good experience.” This was Hannah’s response when I asked her what her greatest accomplishment of her life was. Hannah has been playing tennis since she was three years old. Wow. That is true dedication to a sport and I am sure along with everyone else who is supporting her, know that one day she will be rewarded for her hard work. Maybe one day she will become famous and I don’t think she would mind it because as she said, “…I would probably like to be famous as a sports person”.

Hannah cares about her supporters especially her family and friends. She had a great and happy childhood as her family has always been close. Hannah describes, “I had a really happy childhood. My family is really close. Um we went on a lot of like family vacations. Like every summer when I was younger I always remember going up to Michigan once every summer or even twice sometimes and yeah our family is pretty close. We always have holidays together even with extended family so yeah”. Hannah enjoys being surrounded by people who care about her.

So next time you think you know someone, ask them questions because in reality you actually don’t know much about them.