My First experience with mongoDB (some retrospective)

Nowadays, after some years of working with this wonderful technology, I think it’s time to say thanks, and probably the best way to do it is trying to share some knowledge, for that reason I leave some tips to bear in mind if you want to start with mongodb.

Even though I saw something of mongo on some little projects some years ago, I really met it when I was added to a big project which used it.

That was a really good experience because, as a newbie in that technology it was wonderful to have the help of the community, the documentation and the official support.

Everything at the same time.

Some projects run faster and the one I’m working on is not an exception, so to start with I needed to take the online courses, ask for the support and complete the assignments all together. It was a really stressed but awesome experience.

Forget the relational

I think, one of the most important thing when someone comes from SQL world is to avoid the comparisons… specially with mongodb. We need to think on document paradigm from the beginning. Trying to solve the problems/queries using SQL will probably be annoying and a waste of time.

Put your hands on it

Everyone has his/her own method to learn, In my case, I like to try the things by myself, so, when I started the online course, I stopped the videos a lot of times to practise examples and all the related information there.

Get involved

The community provides a lot of different resources, I’ve really taken advantages of courses and forums, webinars and other resources, it’s amazing how people help.

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