Media Lit Post #1 — Monopolization of Media”

Monopolization is bad because when something is owned by one person no ones see side are heard so it’s like a one sided argument. When only one side of an argument is heard you don’t get to see different peoples opinions and views on things. Consumers can be negatively affected because for example a consumer buys a flat-iron blow dryer because the media said it really works. So the consumer gets it and it’s not at all what she expected. It doesn’t straighten really and it wasn’t cheap. So she wasted her time and money to pay a product that was not worth it.

If the consumer goes to the owner and tells them the problem and multiple people complain it’s no longer a one sided problem. Less registrations should be on media because the media is already super strict and people should be aloud to speak their mind as long it’s not hurting anyone around them. And it’s not disrespecting the law or doing anything illegal. Only one person having a say in the media is a problem because everyone feels different about certain issues.

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