How Uber was Killed by a Clown Car
Noah Barr

Ok you’ve taken a contrary view. You’re ought to that opinion, but dude, your points are just plain naïve.

And, the note about the logo change. Dude, wake up.

My conclusion:

  • Car manufacturers will begin flirting with building, owning, and deploying their own cars…via their own apps.

Cool Story Bro

  • Cars will appear when ordered through the app. They will drive off and disappear when you step out of the car. When running low on fuel, cars will coordinate trips to tucked away re-charging depots to be smartly refilled with electricity.

Your point?

  • Then car manufacturers will go all in, cutting out the Uber/Lyft’s of the world.

Wait. Now car manufacturers are tech companies (unlike Uber supposedly)?

  • It will cost 20–30% of today’s cost of Ubers.

Time will tell.

  • Then car manufacturers will drastically start reducing the cost of operating these vehicles.


  • Car manufacturers will start optimizing fleet size accordingly.

No they won’t. Volume = Sales

  • This will all start in some forward-looking city, and then spread like wild fire across the globe.

Not the universe?


I worked at Uber.

I launched the Sydney chapter at The Startup Grind Team

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