I am so excited about a lot of things for the release of SDK 37. One of which is that Expo made it fairly easy to implement Firebase Phone Number Authentication. We just have to set up a few things first before we can actually use phone authentication in our projects.

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Install Dependencies

We need to install the dependencies identified below to…

For most (all) of my past web development projects, I have been using PHP and Java technologies.

Architecture — Photo from Pexels

I had a hard time marrying my knowledge back then with the idea of a server-side JavaScript application.

Struggle was REAL

For those who have been working with PHP and Java technologies for web development, you know that it takes a different discipline and understanding to be able to come up with an elegant solution. Most probably, an opinionated framework is already prepared for you. The project structure is already in place and your only worries are about how to make it work.

When NodeJS came…

Writing unit test cases is a must in software development. Code coverage is required to satisfy the unit test requirements.

MC/DC is commonly used in avionics software development to guaranty safe flights and prevention of failures.

What is MC/DC?

Modified Condition/Decision Coverage, better known as MC/DC, is a code coverage criterion that satisfies the following:

In writing unit test cases, MC/DC can be used to produce the optimal number of test cases to create while having the benefit of having a high, if not complete, code coverage (Decision coverage, Branch…

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