The Problem With Thinking

Millions of years ago, the dinosaurs used to rule the planet. It made sense as they were the biggest creatures in the world, and ate whatever came in their way; sometimes each other too. But, as we most obviously know it that now they are extinct. Today, man is the one that rules the planet, and kills everything that threatens his authority in this world; and sometimes eats them too.

The point to note from this fact is that despite of not being as strong physically as the dinosaurs were, the man has gained control over the world, and will probably survive the calamity that wiped the former form the face of the earth. He will do that with the unique ability given to the man in terms of thinking.

HE CAN THINK. Man has covered a long way since its coming into existence. Invention of the wheel, the fire, the plane, the phone, the internet; all these things have been achieved by man using his this gift, the ability to think.

No problem the world has to offer that can sustain the persistent assault of continuous thinking.

We think, think, and think some more, throughout the day, while doing work, while making love, even while sleeping (dreams), we never cease to stop thinking. One would think that there is no problem that he cannot solve with this much thinking. He ought to be able to solve all his problems and live a happy life, thanks to his extraordinary thinking prowess.

However, the truth is far from this. All the thinking in the world is not enough to make him happy and contended, to solve his problems, to give him piece of mind. On the contrary, this leads to a new problem in his life known as overthinking.

This phenomenon of overthinking occurs because of a spectacular mess that the man makes because of the flawed thinking process. Flawed in terms of handling the information, in terms of reaching conclusions, and in terms of figuring out where to stop in the thinking process, for man has the ability (curse, really!) to be able to think on a single topic for a long, long time.

One way to overcome this problem of overthinking is to adapt a structured approach to thinking and not letting the mind go on an endless ride of merry go round, piling up infinite loops of impossibly difficult decisions.

Hence, Six Thinking Hats