Must have 7 advanced features in uber, lyft and ola app

God’s eye view

This is an advanced feature which helps you to get the details you driver and user it show the current location of your user and driver and we find them using the map. This feature helps you in the time of emergency

Fair estimation

It helps you in calculating the fair by calculating the distance all other expense this feature helps you to get the correct amount so you can satisfy you and also the customer. It also give you a detailed list of the fair estimation sharing it to your passengers will give a trust to them about you . So you can maintain a good relationship between you customer

Rating and reviews

This feature is important to run a taxi booking business in a successful way this helps the customers to give rating to your raid hailing app if you get good rating your business will develop in a fast and better way. Reviews helps the customer to give a command about you service it may be bad or good according to the revues you change your service for better performance.

User wallet

This option helps you to have account you can add money in your account through mobile banking or any mobile payment system or the customers can send the money to the admin account to recharge you wallet account. This feature helps the customers in emergency period it also have many uses

SOS emergency button

The SOS is the advanced option used for the passenger safety it helps the passenger in emergency situations like if the passenger is kidnapped by the driver using SOS option passenger can call for help with location details just in one click. Using this kind of features will make the passengers feel safe and comfort it helps you to increase your business

Day and night

This feature helps you to set different meters for day and night from your ride hailing application. It sets different rates according to the time so you can give a service at any time.

Advanced report

Through advance report you can know the details of your income it also show you the details of the week point in your business through that you can fix it like adding more service or increasing the marketing .

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