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Mar 9, 2016 · 3 min read

Saving time in auto repair with spare parts catalogues

Changing a flat tire may be an easy task when you have at least a bit of mechanical experience and you are also the handy-man type. However, plunging into more difficult tasks may feature a challenge even for the more experienced, not necessarily because of the complexity of the task, but rather because of the reduced availability of spare components.

When your vehicle’s fuel pump malfunctioned due to a clogged fuel filter, replacing the filter is fairly easy, as it doesn’t require more than a wrench and a screwdriver; also, fuel filters are rather easy to acquire, being available at most part shops. On the other hand, finding a matching fuel pump is not that easy, especially if your car model is not very common. Another issue with finding replacement spare parts consists in the variety of choices. Going back to the fuel pump example, one may find three fuel pump types for the same car. It is clear that only one of the is compatible, so which do you choose?

Such issues, as well as other acquiring problems such as buying mismatching components and transporting them from one corner to the opposite one in India, can be avoided through online spare parts catalogues. One of the best working spare parts directories is, offering a wide variety of spare parts for most European, American and Asian car models. Cars like Volvo, Audi, Hyundai and even Rolls Royce can be repaired using spare parts found on Boodmo.

It all looks and sounds amazing, but why choose one catalogue of spare parts when you can get a physical brochure? The key term here is an actuality. While paper brochures are permanent, online catalogues can be updated easily and at a much faster rate. This translates into a more precise situation regarding automotive components currently in stock as well as other data such as serial number or component-specific information: cross-compatibility, materials used for construction. Furthermore, most physical brochures feature components originating from only one producer or just one shop. Boodmo aims to widen the variety of automotive spare parts offer to include suppliers all over India and not just a few main brands.

Widening the offer does not only offer a better choice for the end-user but also provides a cost-effective solution for tight budgets. It’s a common fact that OEM parts provide a higher quality grade than aftermarket versions, but also come at a rigorous cost, not always affordable by car owners. This way, by gathering a wider spare parts offer, Boodmo creates a price scale to accommodate users with lower budgets as well as higher budgeted individuals willing to pay the price of an OEM spare part.

Although manufacturer built auto car spare parts are of high quality and provide the best fit in a car’s current assembly system, producers tend to stop building them after a vehicle exceeded its lifespan. Most of the time, automakers consider a product to finish its life cycle after around 5 years. However, vehicles running in India tend to stay on the road sometimes even more than 15 years. When OEM spare parts are not to be found, any car owner can check for after-market components which will mimic the appearance and provide the same functionality as did the component now needing to be replaced.

A transparent searching and acquiring process of automotive car parts also increases user trust and creates a larger get-together of suppliers and buyers (or end-users), helping the automotive industry to grow while in the same manner stimulating the economy of the country through market exchange.

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