Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

The condition of society and the common man today cannot solely be attributed to its economic system. Before capitalism, people were brutally slaughtered for the slightest deviation from authority-preached interpretations of religious books. It is a combination of our political system, social attitudes, psychic conditioning, diversity profile, ethics & morality, legislative processes, and the 1000s of years of human history, which has seen society as a 2-floor house — with the oppressed in the dark, airless basement, and the oppressors on the golden throne on the top floor. Time to reflect.

Every day, I wake up, shit, eat, work, piss, eat, work, piss, work, run, eat, and sleep per the same laws of mundanity as another plebeian man. Surely, you’ll hear acrimonious remarks from my mouth after 4 whiskey doubles about the terrible condition of our society — from processed foods deliberately architected to keep the healthcare industry at the expense of human lives, to our tax systems, price inflation, the concept of credit, housing, absurdly expensive educational institutions, hourly wages, the toxicity of corporate life, with a cherry top of glaring social and TV media that does not fall short to execute everyday amplifications about the lives of the wealthy and powerful, and implicitly whisper to you that you, in this enormous society, will one day mute and decay into nothingness in your middle-class mediocrity. I can nearly write a book of critique and beautifully illuminate the cancerous effects of Capitalism, and it might turn into an amazing comedy show over drinks at some worn-down Blues club, which costs you $15 cash at the door.

The more difficult task is to actively participate in the system to overcome it — to change, take action, and not just be a plain fathead couching and venting out unactionable piles of shit to worsen the atmospheric stench that we lower class folks feel every single day. That’s the hard part.