It is 3 months away from summer. All your friends already have job offers. You were overconfident and applied for only six internships. It’s March, you are panicking and you have to finish 300 job applications.

You also have a perfect meme to describe your situation.


Today I am going to help you save you your precious 10 hours which you would have wasted otherwise creating a personalized cover letter for each of your application.

Here’s the breakdown of how I got 10 hours?

  1. Locate your master template file: 15 seconds
  2. Open the file: 5 seconds
  3. Find all instances of…

So my little cousin wanted to learn basic Python programming and called me.

Her: “I have been having hard time learning Python from this professor. Will you be able to help?

Me: “Of course. Let’s do this. Tell me what you ate for lunch.”

Her: “Greek Salad.”

Me: “Meet me at Dunkin in an hour and I will teach you how to make Greek Salad in Python.”

Her: “Kekeke.” (Her version of okay. Weird but cute.)


Me and my cousin agreed that salad making process will involve 4 major steps:

Step 1: Get all the items out. Step 2: Cut…

Coverage dates: 01/01/2019 to 06/30/2019

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This article will provide short overview of how you can utilize SendGrid to design beautiful emails and send them using Node.js.

SendGrid + Node.js = ❤

Step 1: SendGrid Setup

Sign up for SendGrid and get your API key. Now, go ahead and design some templates on SendGrid. SendGrid has a easy drag and drop email designer which makes adding elements like images and buttons super-easy. You are also given an option to view and edit the HTML code of the email template. You can also personalize your emails using handlebars. SendGrid has an awesome documentation about handlebars here.

I have designed the following three…

Arjun Bastola

Data Analyst, Full Stack Developer and little bit of everything!

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