Connext’s Submission to the Reddit Scalability Challenge

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Channels run on roll-ups, plasma, and sidechains today! They further reduce the complexity of these solutions, and most importantly fix the problems with on/offboarding from L2!

This is a milestone achievement, and marks a huge step forward for interoperable scalability standards. We also built a demo of this for the Reddit challenge:

You can find our original submission to Reddit here.

Open source code is available here.

Out of the box, you can “fold” to Optimism, Matic, xDai with support for SKALE and Arbitrum coming very soon.

Instant L2 communication with Connext

Today, we’re excited to introduce Spacefold, our submission to the Reddit Scalability Challenge. Spacefold is a UI on top of a Connext node that demonstrates the power of using State Channels for instant cross-chain communication. …

How we’ve handled moving from Sai → Dai

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tl;dr Connext now uses multi collateral Dai by default! We expect users to make the upgrade themselves outside of Connext.

Connext V2

The v2 Connext hub now collateralizes all transactions in mcDai by default. This means that the hub will expect that users will deposit the new Dai when transacting and your Dai Card will automatically swap to the new Dai instead of (legacy) Sai.

If you are a user with Sai in your channel, have no fear! When you open your Dai Card (or recover your channel address to it), you’ll see the following screen to help you withdraw your Sai.

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SAI Withdrawal Modal

Simply enter an address to withdraw your Sai to, and click the button. …

Channels in every browser window with the ChannelProvider

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WalletConnect now supports Connext on mainnet!

This means a user’s channel can be injected everywhere they go using a new construction called a ChannelProvider. Wallets that use WalletConnect can add support by instantiating a Connext client and mapping to the ChannelProvider. Wallets that use a custom provider can implement the reference code themselves. DApps can now safely leverage channels *extremely* easily.

You can try this out yourself by activating WalletConnext under Settings in the Dai Card. This will open up a QR that can be scanned by any other Card or, eventually, by any wallet that supports Connext v2.0.

A huge complaint with v1 of Connext was that dApps needed to host user keys themselves so that their users could sign channel updates. …


Arjun Bhuptani

Founder of Connext. Ethereum developer, game theory enthusiast, physics nerd, occasional sleeper.

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