Usage of Armitage exploitation tool in Kali Linux and Other Penetration Testing Linux Distributions

Probably for newbie or NOOB persons, who are inspired to become hackers very soon, this tool usage will be a boon for exploiting a computer system or servers. So let’s explain it in detail

Armitage is a great exploitation tool developed in Java Language and is a graphical substitution of metasploit. Armitage will have a lot of options which includes DNS Enumeration, NMAP Scanning for Operating System Detection, Automated Exploits and Customized Exploits (A Professional Hacker can develop this exploit) and as well as exploitation of server. Along with this, Armitage contains post — exploitation tools, which tells how a hacker can breach the data using the post — exploitation tools.

The Image of armitage is added below

Here in this Image, I had enumerated the DNS and as well as you can see the IP addresses ( which is assigned to the targets, so for exploitation of a server, networking is must and should required. So for this the aspirant hackers must have to learn networking for hacking