So you found a designer

Hurray! Now that you have found a designer, you must trap it, domesticate it (as much as possible) and teach it a few basics of human interaction. I kid. You can’t teach them how to interact.

Where to post

This post takes off from my previous blog about how to find designers. It sounds straight forward but it isn’t. Shortly after I posted that, I started scouting a few more job/employment platforms. A few searches and conversations later, I decided to try Naukri (it is a big platform), Hiree (part of OLX), Indeed, Angel, Linkedin, Facebook and Intershala (for Interns). And you won’t believe what happened.

What doesn’t work

Naukri, just as predicted in the previous post, went straight to trying to get me to put an actual picture of my face and not an illustration on the Naukri ‘profile’. I never wanted a profile, I just wanted to recruit people. But Naukri wants to be a jobs social network. I can’t be bothered to add another random network to my life. Yes, I do a lot of work with Social Media but I am not very social.

LinkedIn and Facebook both worked as predicted. LinkedIn was good with finding social media execs and managers, but not designers. Facebook, which usually gives good results with a few advertisements, just didn’t work this time. The portfolios we got aren’t even worth mentioning.

The worst places to hire

The worst experience was with Hiree, a website that is so badly designers that I couldn’t figure out how to login. And its not just me. Dashlane, a little app that remembers and secures all my passwords, just couldn’t figure out how to get into the site. What’s worse is that I got a call from Hiree about how they could sell me a premium package that would give me access to more resumes (not portfolios), it would also show my job opening to more people. They promised to call me the next day. I got a call 10 days later. At which point I was passed caring.

The better places to hire

But wait. We did get a lot of resumes and portfolios. And some of them were great. If you’re looking for interns, Internshala is great. They’re doing a great summer internship promotion on their site. You can find or reach out to a large number of young people for summer internships right now. What’s more the candidates on the platform respond quite quickly to questions or requests to share to portfolios. I would recommend it.

Indeed was a surprise hit. I was expecting it to be just another platform like Naukri, full of mundane set up steps coupled with the worlds most boring interface. But it isn’t, its the exact opposite. The site is clean and easy to understand. You can track candidates through the recruitment processes and easily reached out to them. After I asked for portfolios on Indeed, most candidates just emailed theirs to me. On the whole it was pleasure posting and responding on this site.

And then there is Angel. For both the design role and the social media manager role, a lot of promising candidates reached out to us on Angel. The only issue with the platform, is that candidates took longer to respond, unlike Indeed or LinkedIn. I would still suggest putting up a job and lurking for a few days before responding to people. Otherwise, It’s a nice platform.

What’s next?

Recruitment is just the first step. Our new designers and social media managers will need a little training. So it goes.

In the meantime, I am keeping my job posting and advertisements running on all the platforms I wrote about above. You can see it on our site here.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments.

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