The simplicity in Medium

Although it has been well over 6 years since I took to blogging, the ugly truth of the matter us that I now blog less and less.

My previous blogging platform was WordPress, which is fantastic in it’s own, but of late (ie., for the last couple of years), I have started getting the feeling that there are needless layers of abstraction. I don’t know. By the time I got to the page where you write the post, I would be too tired.

And then there’s the chore of maintaining the theme and stuff.

I’m someone who believes

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

While WordPress was definitely miles ahead of its competition at the time, it just wasn’t simple enough. And now finally, with Medium, I get the simplicity that I have been so desperately seeking for the past few years.

No complexity, no oddities of managing the website, the theme, or anything. You just post. And it’s as simple as that!