Three Common Major Dental Issues in India

We all love eating food, but do not bother to remember to take care of our teeth. The most common dental problems that most people face includes cavities, tooth discolouration and periodontal problems. The worst part about these problems are that they can be completely avoided with proper care.

One of most common cause of a majority of dental ailments is plaque. Plaque is a thin film that develops on the surface of the teeth. This gets accumulated by the consumption of sugary foods, fizzy or aerated drinks, chocolates and candies and carbohydrate rich food. Plaque has the ability to erode the enamel of the teeth and also attract further bacteria, making it a great environment for the bacteria to thrive in the mouth. This consequently causes a number of other dental issues at a later stage.

Periodontal infection is the infection caused to the gums of the individuals, which is caused by the bacteria thriving on plaque and which can be avoided to a great extent by good oral hygiene routines. If periodontal infection is not treated in time, it could lead to tooth loss. It is so because the condition would affect the health of the teeth and would also destroy the bones underneath and around the teeth. This is an important thing to be mindful of, making it all the more relevant to develop good oral hygiene and eating habits.

Cavities are caused by the bacteria residing in the teeth due to plaque. This affects the teeth, if the decay is prolonged and untreated. The plaque destroys the enamel on the teeth and would require to be filled by dentists. Cavities can eat up the entire teeth, since the decay can increase its coverage and lead to tooth loss, before which the patient may even need a root canal treatment done.

Tooth discolouration is caused by the consumption of acidic foods, aerated drinks, medications, coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. It can also be caused due to fluorosis and injuries. This can be avoided by clean eating and drinking habits along with good oral hygiene habits like rinsing the mouth after consumption of each meal. However, tooth discolouration can be corrected with treatments such as dental bleaching and teeth whitening procedures.

One of the most important thing that most of us would have to be aware of is that we would constantly be exposed to a number of dental problems and issues if proper oral hygiene methods are not followed. Patients who have undergone treatments at Dentzz Dental clinics vouch for the importance of oral hygiene in the various Dentzz review that they write.

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